Physiotherapy can trace its origins as far back as 1813, and as such is the most researched and established form of neuromuscular-skeletal therapy.

It is a science based medical profession, aimed at improving overall wellness, by addressing your physical impairments or injuries. Symptoms of which could include: pain, stiffness, selling, weakness etc.

Physiotherapy not only treats your symptoms, but also identifies the CAUSE of your problem, therefore leading to long term relief.

Your physiotherapist has a thorough understanding of how the body works. gained form years of academic study and practical experience. After completing a four year Honors degree, in BSc. Physiotherapy and one year compulsory Community Service, the therapist then qualifies as being a Registered Physiotherapist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

A qualified physiotherapist is therefore a trained medical practitioner and you of not need to be referred by a doctor to see a physiotherapist.